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No posts does not equal no work….

Yup, just as the title says, no posts surely doesn’t equal no work. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Things are rocking and a rolling. And if you don’t follow along on our Facebook page (<– click that to be taken there) that’s okay.

The reality is simple, I love what I do. (I’m also going to be writing more of a post about that soon)… But loving what I do means first and foremost, my attention goes to my photography and my current clients. Not that future clients or those that are thinking about inviting TAB Photographic into their lives don’t matter. However, those that have already invited me into their lives get my utmost attention from here and forever. What that means is that we shoot, I edit and I share. My goal is to create awesome shots, edit in a timely manner (because sitting there feeling like I may have forgotten about you isn’t right. Though most photographers turn around time may be months), and bring smiles and even tears of joy and love to my current clients. So while I do have some posts coming down the road on some of the weddings I’ve captured recently…. I just wanted to share a taste of what you’ve all been missing by not being one of my clients and in turn, one of my favs and in turn, one of the cool kids… Because TAB Photographic is, after all, what the cool kids do. (even though I’m such a dork it’s funny)….

So… This. These. Those… Are just some random teasers from some random shoots…

NYC Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic