June 25

“You must love what you do”



1899609_10152247318523665_804120824_oSo often I run into someone who either knows or asks what I do. Or says something like “is this all you do?”. No matter how the conversation begins, somehow it comes around to hearing the either “you must love what you do” or “you’re so lucky”. To which normally my response is “it’s okay”…. Or “yea, I enjoy it”….. Almost in a way to downplay the reality. Maybe it’s because I’m not the type that brags. Maybe I don’t know why I just respond with “it’s okay”….

The reality is simple, I am INCREDIBLY lucky to be doing what I do. And I do LOVE every bit of it. From the photography side and capturing, creating and living thru moments right to the hours of sitting behind the computer to make it all perfect. I do love what I do. I do believe I’m lucky and well, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I mean, I get to bring smiles, tears and emotions to so many individuals and families. This is just me putting it out there that I do love what I do and I do believe I’m lucky and I will no longer say “it’s okay”…..

It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but this one… This one is all me…