June 26

From Emily and Brian to Erin and Ryan…. Anthony’s Ocean View New Haven Ct. Wedding

So back on July 16th 2011, I was lucky enough to capture a wonderful wedding for Emily and Brian. But it started before that. I had met Emily while shooting a wedding, she was working with a wonderful catering company located in New London County. A Thyme To Cook. Great food, great employees, great attitudes. I remember Emily asking for a card after she had seen how I work and at the time, it went something like “I want you to shoot my wedding”… Me asking “when is it” to which she replied, I don’t even have a boy friend yet.

Fast forward about a year and I received an e-mail and sure enough, she was engaged and found my card in her car. I can look back just about 3 years and I remember so much of their day. Not to mention Erin, I believe her maid of honor? Coming to their 3 year anniversary and now a wonderful little boy, Emily and Brian continue to thrive. Meet below, Emily and Brian….

New London Ct. Wedding Photography

Then, the day came when Erin, remember Erin I mentioned above, contacted me. It was her turn, engaged to a great guy named Ryan. I wasn’t sure if he could live up to what Erin deserved, but after meeting him at the engagement session I realized that sure enough, these two were great together.

And their day, I have to say it went off with out a hitch. The weather was beautiful. The moments, full of love. The day scattered with laughter and so much love…. This is one of the many reasons I do what I do. When a new TAB Photographic bride comes my way from a  previous wedding. Knowing that I’m still part of “their group”…

(OH! I didn’t mention there was another couple at their wedding who I also had the pleasure of shooting, And next door at a wedding going down at the same time, you guessed it, I ran into another couple whom I had the pleasure of working with. All at one venue on one night, 4 TAB Photographic couples. So wonderful for sure…)

Anyway, with out further hesitation… Here’s some of Erin’s day….

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