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Ct., Connecticut Wedding Photographers The new site… Well… Isn’t this one – TAB Photographic

So this is it… This blog is pretty much done’zo….. With the new TAB Photographic site live at there’s really no need for this anymore. The new site really showcases who I am as a NYC and Ct. based wedding photographer shooting destination weddings across the country and around the world. So head over there […]

August 14

The Barns of Wesley Hills and Keri and Larry’s Awesome Wedding Day by TAB Photographic

First off, Keri and Larry, what a great couple. Completed with their love and their families. Of course I have tried to talk Keri’s mother into adopting me into the family so obviously I’m already a little biased. haha…. Really though, their wedding was all that. A great day, beautiful weather, such an awesome location. […]

August 01

The one time family portrait special…..

            Coming soon will be 3 other locations for those out of town. There will be a Florida stop, a Colorado stop and a Oregon Stop worked into this special. So if you’re not local, reach out as well and I’m sure we can work something great out! Coming soon […]

July 30

Fairview Farms Golf Course and Topsmead State Park Wedding for Sarah and Joe.

What a great day it was for these two. From the weather, to the energy. The day was that perfect summer type, starting out in the low 70’s, blue sky and a nice breeze. The bride smiling, her brides maids by her side with the same energy and ready to take down anything or anyone […]

July 27

Harkness Memorial Park Wedding for Melissa and Erik! Stellar for sure!!!

I mean… When an engagement session flows along and goes off with such a fun, energy filled love, you know for sure that the wedding is going to rock! And for Melissa and Erik’s day, it did just that, it rocked! I mean. If you look at the engagement photos you can see a comfort […]

July 14

Rachel and Matt’s Avon Old Farms Inn Ct. Wedding by TAB Photographic Wedding Photographers

Each and every wedding is a blessing. Not just for the couple but also for TAB Photographic. As a wedding photographer I feel so incredibly special being invited in to not only take photographs, but to capture moments and at times, help direct some. For Matt and Rachel, this was no different. Such a wonderfully […]

June 26

From Emily and Brian to Erin and Ryan…. Anthony’s Ocean View New Haven Ct. Wedding

So back on July 16th 2011, I was lucky enough to capture a wonderful wedding for Emily and Brian. But it started before that. I had met Emily while shooting a wedding, she was working with a wonderful catering company located in New London County. A Thyme To Cook. Great food, great employees, great attitudes. […]

June 25

“You must love what you do”

    So often I run into someone who either knows or asks what I do. Or says something like “is this all you do?”. No matter how the conversation begins, somehow it comes around to hearing the either “you must love what you do” or “you’re so lucky”. To which normally my response is “it’s okay”…. […]

NYC Wedding Photographers TAB Photographic June 12

No posts does not equal no work….

Yup, just as the title says, no posts surely doesn’t equal no work. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Things are rocking and a rolling. And if you don’t follow along on our Facebook page (<– click that to be taken there) that’s okay. The reality is simple, I love what I […]

May 13

Violence and Bullying and More…

In life, we are thrown so many curve balls, obstacles, challenges and so much more. So many “things” that truly form us into the individuals we are. From a young age to the elders. Constant challenges and constant changes…. It’s not often that I let my walls down. However, this post, is quite possible, as […]